It is easy for me to be contented, but never satisfied; I like to take on challenges, to overcome obstacles, to create positive actions towards a growth mindset and sustainability.

It all started when...

we went all out to celebrate birthdays..took all efforts to mend torn pieces and tattered heirloom soft toy, the constant rearranging of our furniture to create a comfortable and beautiful home or space welcoming for fun parties, giving old furniture a new life and making what's useful for our loved ones.

With books, you-tube as teachers and a nothing is impossible attitude, founder, Wai self-taught sewing and all kinds of handy crafts.

Launched in 2014. WAI brand focus on creating unique celebrations and crafting handmade lifestyle products that reduce carbon footprint by incorporating used materials in good condition that otherwise are likely to be thrown away.


WAI CRAFTS because when purposefully made, beyond a skill or craftsmanship, love is passed down from generations to generations through handmade goodness. Come, and you’ll find happy crafts for yourself and your home ranging from pom poms to sprinkles. 

We'd like to encourage future generations to be unafraid to create and live their dreams. We also hope to create a space conducive to turn dreams into reality, a place to encourage handmade crafts by Women Aspiring to Inspire others ( WAI ), be unafraid to inspire others to Dream Big and start something that matters. 

WAI CELEBRATES because life is so full of beauty and joy, what’s not to be joyful! 


WAI's team consist of my HusbandWhile he's a "Technical Officer" for me, he's one who'd always be on a lookout for clever life hacks; hence he's a keen observer of everyday use items. If you see men-related creations, it's probably a problem he gave me to solve. My Children: While wanting to offer them the best, we often find ourselves battling to agree with the prices of cheaply massed produced items. Therefore we offer limited collections of custom handmade articles and parties. My Girlfriends: They're all just as excited as me whenever we're crafting together. Life is just more fun with them. 

Welcome into our wonderment of handmade goodness. 

Like the idea of something handmade? Feel free to speak to us :D

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